In the context in which Montecucco moves, it is fundamental that his photographs not be retouched in any
way. Light and dark so skillfully balanced by the author is obtained thanks to his perfect knowledge of every
possible nuance of light in the streets and alleyways of the historic center of different cities (his favorite
“hunting ground”); unsuspecting subjects are never chosen at random, but every shot is the result of hours
and hours, if not days, of following and repositioning, waiting for just the right moment.
The play of light and shadow, here taken to the extreme, is essential in the definition of the image and creates
the ideal setting for the exaltation of movement that the unsuspecting passer-by performs from light to dark
(or vice versa); the contrast that is created is something more than people simply walking along the street.
The subjects seem, in fact, to physically go towards their fate- some flaunting safety, others displaying a
certain underlying melancholy. These figures move in settings that are at times surreal, communicating to us
their different states of being, each with his own pose and attitudes captured in a tenuous and veiled way, the shadows that precede and follow them, in the cones of light that almost become footbridges.

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