Claudio Montecucco defines himself as a “street man” and he enjoys spending his days watching the life that flows in the streets and alleys of the cities. it is in this dynamic and shifting contexts that he expresses his artistic research, a frantic sometimes obsessive search, deeply felt. In his photographs is felt as preeminent his whish to bring out the emotional charge of the chosen subject; his is a highly intimate way to photograph, it’s not the result of an artistic whim but the need to condense in one click feelings and emotions that otherwise would be lost. The importance given to this aspect it is all-encompassing and in an irreversible way affects each of his images: the grainy appearance, the particular focusing, the unusual cuts, emerging and being full expression of his innermost sensitivity. His is the research of the perfect imperfection, of the photos so “real” to seem almost assembled or “posed”, although the chosen subjects are definitely unaware.

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