Tokyo is the first project  of more than 35 images never exposed and in “pose”. The boundary between eroticism and sensuality which is often very blurred, here, is clear; the erotic appeal, though in some shots very alpable, is overwhelmed by the sensual.ity.  When looking at these images, one has the feeling of being enveloped in an aura of lingering sensuality; it is impossible not to be drawn in by their gaze, expressions, gestures, by the situations that are portrayed, by the details that at first glance are inconspicuous, and that here emerge as fundamental; detail is everything and for the photographer, knowing how to grasp that in a fraction of a second, the time of a decisive click, means nowing how to capture the spontaneity of the subjects, an essential condition of sensuality. A “girl” here in this project tells her intimate story of her life, of her love in such as melancholical and sensitive way, the artist only catches  in silence her fragility, fobies and expression of “words “of her body. 

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