In Cammino

In cammino, “ On the way” project of Claudio Montecucco proposes a series of snapshots in which each subject is immortalized in the act of crossing a threshold, going up or down stairs, walking. Still-images of a unique power, these photos reinvent an entirely direct, sober, strongly emotive style, but are, at the same time, efficient as few are in portraying an instant (always stolen), and capturing, never in a banal way. In the reading of the photos, neither the faces nor even the places are important. That which is exalted is only the walking; on the way represents non-completion- it is the journey that remains to be experienced and which is not always possible to determine in advance; it is the certainty of the unknown forever, infinity, where the focus is not so much the destination, but what you find along the way, the experiences, the encounters, all that is positive or negative that you may meet beyond a certain threshold. Once again, Montecucco manages to condense into his shots power and sensitivity, melancholy and the desire to live, a desire to go beyond, walking…

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