The idea of immortalizing people in candid shots, without their being aware while reading in the many different settings offered by the historic centers of different cities, was developed by Montecucco in a very special way due to his knowledgeable use of black and white, and above all, to the heightened sensitivity that distinguishes him and which unites his passion for photography, literature and architecture.
Montecucco manages to bring out that warm and pliant atmosphere that is ready to welcome
and minister to the reader, preserving the intimacy of such a sweet moment. And it is in this way that his photographs, never posed but rigorously spontaneous, hardly seem to belong to
modern times: they almost seem divorced from the chaos of the city  surrounding the unsuspecting subject. City is then transformed into a huge open-air reading room, whose borders, spanning stairs, walls, alleys and monuments, easily become shelters in which the readers can indulge in their favorite authors.
Photographs that make you think, dream and wish to participate in the collective ritual, and yet allude to reading outdoors. At the same time, they make you wonder what the subjects
are reading, and what they were experiencing while doing so.
Claudio Montecucco tells of his project by referring to the words of Robert Doisneau:
«What I was trying to show was a world in which I would feel at home, where the people would be kind, where I would find the tenderness that I would hope to receive. My photographs were the proof that this world could exist».

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